Review: Steele Ridge #1 by @KelseyBrowning @TraceyDevlyn @AdriennGiordano

Screenshot 2016-10-24 09.03.56.png

A super short prequel to what I am hoping would be a series of 5 books (with this being book #1) featuring the 4 barely clothed white men on the cover, “Steele Ridge: The Beginning” is a harbinger of potentially good things to come. Authors Kelsey Browning, Tracey Devlyn, and Adrienne Giordano are new to me (a.k.a. I’ve never read any of their books before), but since I’m a fairly good judge of books via their awesome covers, I thought I’d give them a try.

This 57-page prequel is currently free on Amazon. Books #2 , “Going Hard” by Kelsey Browning and “Living Fast” by Adrienne Giordano, respectively, are also now out. I’m currently reading Ms. Browning’s story about Grif Steele and Carlie Beth Parrish; “Going Hard” is a slow-revealing story, but it’s well-written and keeps you guessing. There’s intrigue, suspense, and a bit of comic relief (i.e., the scene where the 4 macho brothers stage a battle using a nerf gun, a pecan-leaded slingshot, a pellet gun, and a bow and arrow combo is a cute diversion). It’s too slow-going for me that I had to peak at the end to see who the baddie is – who turned out to be a surprise. I just wish that the pace was picked up a bit, quite honestly. All in all, though,3 stars I went back to around the 40% mark and am slooooooooowly progressing thru Grif and Carlie Beth’s struggle to find their inevitable HEA.

BTW, whomever made this slick promo video for the Steele Ridge series ought to be commended for a great job well done. It’s better than all other promo videos I’ve seen, bar none. Enjoy.


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