Review: Honor by Jay Crownover

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Warning: spoilers ahead. Oh, and if you plan to read “Honor,” you must have read Jay Crownover’s “Welcome to The Point” books in order to really get who the characters are and what the story is about.

This was okay. I just got too impatient to see how Keeley and Nassir finally resolve their personal issues (which I really didn’t understand) to get together. Was a little bit disappointed with the various disjointed events that threatened to make Nassir succumb. I thought with him being the Hitler of The Point, there’d be more nail-biting scenes rather than head-scratching, psychotic ones, i.e., a middle-aged female banker who tries to kill Nassir by running him off the road because he “ruined” her laughable marriage to a gay man (when she herself is into women) and who anonymously reported to the cops that Nassir kept drugs in his club (he didn’t); a kid who wreaks havoc in his sex club by unscrewing storage shelves, releases rats inside the club, and ultimately has a gun-toting showdown with Nassir; and a young, former lover of Nassir’s who became his housekeeper, but who was so insanely in love with him, she was willing to kill Keeley.

This might make me sound bad, but I thought that with the synopsis warning us that the hero is the super anti-hero, Nassir and Keeley would make their enemies and irritating yet murderous tormentors disappear. Yet, Nassir let the middle-aged banker go. Twice. Then, Keeley shot the housekeeper in the shoulder and told her to leave and never come back. In the epilogue, they talk to two Eastern Europeans who were trying to get a slice of the baddie pie in their turf – then they just tell them to leave. I mean… That was it?

I finished the book, but had to skip so many parts and kept jumping back and forth just to get to The Point. Pun very much intended.


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