Review: The Player by Claire Contreras

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This was a slow burn romance, which normally, wouldn’t make me feel happy about buying it. But, I suppose after reading the idiotic inner thoughts and teenaged addictions of a 33-year-old bratty woman in Mystery Man, this was a breath of fresh air – which I needed. Desperately.

Claire Contreras has written a grown-up book about grown-up love. There were life lessons that we all still struggle to learn on a daily basis – particularly that lesson on forgiveness. It was poignant, romantic, believable, adult, sad, and yet, joyful. An amalgamation of the truths that “true love” carries, “The Player highlights the reality that love is WORK. And that it’s about CHOICE. One chooses to love and trust another person, in spite of a burning lust that might have been the instigator for that relationship – that’s essentially Warren Silva and Camila Avila’s story.

It was pretty obvious from the get-go what secret Warren was hiding from Camila.4 stars Ms. Contreras tries to hide the secret from us readers by referring to Warren’s brother and father by just those descriptions, never by name when associated with Warren. Ah, but for seasoned readers, the secret’s a glaring flashlight in the dark. I already felt bad for Camila by the time I reached page 10, as the outcome of their seemingly doomed love (very Shakespearean, BTW) was plain to see. However, Ms. Contreras makes it difficult for a reader to just completely walk away from “The Player.” Like I said, it’s a grown-up love story. One HAS to see how they resolve their conundrum. By the end of it, I was firmly convinced that true love does, eventually, win. And – OMG – there was absolutely no need for the “me-man, you-plain woman” philosophy! #ThankChristForGoodWriters


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