Review: Thief of Hearts by L.H. Cosway

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L.H. Cosway’s Hearts series are a favorite of mine. Since Six of Hearts blew me away a few months ago, I just couldn’t help but be entrenched in Ms. Cosway’s characters’ lives. Somehow, though, I think there must have been something that changed in the author’s life because her writing isn’t quite the same anymore.

Or, at least, her character development ability has changed. Once upon a time, Ms. Cosway wrote about a cross-dressing straight man who seduced and fell in love with a straight female. Who would’ve thought of THAT kind of story? I thought it was a one-of-a-kind type of author… nay… artist. Then, there was Hearts of Blue, Lee Cross and Karla’s story. That made me cry, empathize, flip pages like a mad woman, sigh, be happy, and expel all the love I felt for the world.

Maybe her mojo is gone? God, please say it isn’t so. I loved Ms. Cosway’s books; I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying and reading them. I just wish they’re back to the same calibre as the previous ones. Not to say that “Thief of Hearts” was bad, okay? It just had a lot of live up to, I suppose. We first met Stu Cross in “King of Hearts,” the third book in this same series. He was portrayed as a bit of a dunderhead – one who doesn’t have all his bolts locked in tight in his head, i.e., stupid, when compared to his brother, Lee. He displayed balls of steel and a heart of gold, though, when he did what he did to save Lee from his justified fate in “Hearts of Blue.” Stu met teacher Andrea Anderson in his adult education class. Andrea and Stu fell in love, went thru a bit of drama, had a few scares, and lived HEA. Their story was predictable and a bit boring, to be quite honest. If one takes out melodrama involving the art heist, this would still read the same. I’m glad to read about Stu’s story. In fact, I procrastinated over finishing the book, because I didn’t want it to end. When I did reach the finish line, I kept looking back and thinking, “That was it?”

Ultimately, this was me.
The Little Mermaid, Ariel Frustrated Hair Blow photo ariel-gif.gif

Yeah, I feel ya, girl.
2 stars


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