Review: Only For Your Touch by Naima Simone

Screenshot 2016-10-05 14.19.19.png

Never have I read a book quite like this. It was a hot, bad boy/good girl romance, with a little twist. Think: Christian Grey being tied up and spanked. And grudgingly liking it. Yep. That’s what I wrote. Then, imagine Anastacia discovering her inner Domme. What? Yes. Naima Simone just blew me away with her story in the second installment in her “Lick” series.

Former mob muscle, Sasha Merchant, owns a bar called Lick, with a secret aphrodisiac (a.k.a. sex) club named “The Loft,” with his best friends, Rion Ward and Killian Vincent. While taking care of the bar’s business one starry night, Sasha meets Corinne Salvaggi, daughter of notorious captured mobster, Carmine Salvaggi. All 3 bar owners wanted to avoid any and all mob or gang association, seeing as they themselves had painfully extracted themselves from another mob family. Sasha corals Corinne into an alley – and then things started getting more interesting. And, suddenly, I’m finding the Russian language very intriguing and a little bit romantic. Lisichka indeed.

Suffice it to say, this was a love story I initially thought predictable and 4 starseasy-reading. Boy, was I wrong. It was VERY easy reading, particularly because I kept turning page after page after page, until I realized – DAMN – I ran out of pages after the end. I would have wanted to learn what happens to Sasha and Corinne after that ending scene. Since this was book 2 in the Lick series, I wanted to find out how Corinne interacted with Sasha’s friends and with Rion’s girlfriend, Harper. Perhaps Naima can write an epilogue to all the Lick men’s stories in book 3? Hope so.


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