One-hit trilogy wonder?

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On one hand, I liked that this was a quick read. On another, I liked that I’m done with this book. I really liked Cathryn Fox’s serial trilogy, Hands On, and thought I’d give another one of her books a whirl – this time, a standalone book. Unfortunately, I don’t think Ms. Fox is cut out to be a good short romance novel writer. Learning Curves’ beginning, middle, and end were distinctly chopped up from one another, so much so that the fictional characters gave me whiplash.

This is how the 2 MCs started out: they’ve met each other casually before, always in a business setting, but the heroine is convinced that she hates him, because he’s a well-known millionaire playboy. Meanwhile, he’s been waiting for her to eat right out of his hand, as all women are wont to do in his presence. When she wasn’t playing by his “rules,” he invents a weird bet with her, out of which either of the two outcomes will benefit him greatly and sexually. The middle of their tale is as such: they get it on in his private beach villa in the Keys. She discovers that her douchebag ex lied to her about her being a prude and a bore in bed. Turns out all she needed to unlock her sexuality was her hero. She, BTW, has never masturbated in her entire 26 years of life. Yeah, right. Here’s the end: she wanted to take their supposed one-weekend fling to the next level, but she, unfortunately, sees him talking to another flirtatious woman. She gets jealous and pissy. Then, he gets his balls together to man-up and pursue her after 5 days of pissy silence, caused by that ever-present misunderstanding and non-lovers’ spat. He also weirdly introduces himself to her cousin as her fiancĂ©. He sees her douchebag ex horning in on her at the same event they’re in, and he simultaneously gets hit on by the douchebag’s current weird girlfriend. Finally, they eventually and really get affianced 5 minutes later. Oh, but they’re dating first.

This was a weird story.
1 star


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