Review: Do You Want To Start A Scandal by Tessa Dare

Screenshot 2016-10-07 08.37.37.png

Absolutely fantastic. I’ve missed reading Tessa Dare for over a year now. I don’t know what caused the big time gap between the publishing of her last book and this one, but I hope whatever happened, it’s done now and Ms. Dare can give us more of her gems.

This was marketed as a Spindle Cove book, but it really isn’t. It’s not set in Spindle Cove, but the heroine, Charlotte, has spent time there with her mother and 2 sisters. Piers was also mentioned in passing before, in another Tessa Dare book. Their familiarity to us readers came over me in one huge gush as Charlotte and Piers’ story unfolded. They gave me lots of laugh out loud moments – I was particularly tickled (read: guffawed alone) when Charlotte came upon Piers by surprise in a drawing room, attempting to make him “Guess Who?” There were also a few cliches and corny touches, when Charlotte lectured Piers on his heart, the walls he’s built around it, love, etc. Those parts I wanted to skip, but – meh – those are better than the typical contemporary cliches and predictably poor stories I’ve read right before “Do You Want To Start A Scandal?” Ms. Dare gave us a mystery (and an accidental manslaughter attempt!) in the book, as well – one “who’s who” that caught me a little by surprise. Okay, maybe a lot surprised, because it wasn’t at all what I expected.

Now on to the real mystery: when will Tessa Dare produce another 5-star-book? 5 starsSign me up for it when it’s out, but hopefully, it won’t take another year before my wishes are dashed.


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