Review: Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley

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By far and away, “Rock Chick Regret” is Kristen Ashley’s best Rock Chick book. It’s pretty gosh-darned obvious that Ms. Ashley has gained more experience and has probably listened to her avid readers’ comments prior to writing this soul-crunching, eye-poking, and heart-crushing masterpiece.

Ms. Ashley’s finesse and delicacy in writing Sadie Townsend’s story is phenomenal. I cried not just buckets of tears; I think I could have filled 2 silos full of the tears I’ve shed while reading about Sadie and Hector Chavez. What Sadie went through in the first 50 pages of the e-book? It… was beyond difficult. I haven’t been through that nightmare, but holy crap, I can empathize. Book 7 in the “Rock Chick” series, “Rock Chick Regret” is so completely unlike the other Rock Chick books. Ms. Ashley’s “tone and voice” in this book are just so utterly different from the tone and voice she used in the first 6 books – and even in the 8th/last. There were no annoying and unnecessary drama, I thought. Sadie went through enough during her life with her mobster father and her struggle with being a rape victim. I don’t know why I related most with Sadie, but I did. Perhaps it’s because she didn’t have the “Rock Chick” mentality, nosiness, and irritating “voice.” She just wanted to push on and didn’t want to bring even more drama to her life, which I thought was a realistic interpretation of how a woman who’s been through several traumatic experiences would actually do (at least, that’s what I would do). Hence, this, I proclaim, is the best of the lot.

Hector, as her hero counterpart, was equally as good a character. There was the requisite macho-badass personality Ms. Ashley is known to give all her romance novel heroes. Quite predictable, but the main difference, I think, with Hector, is he gave Sadie the family, the stability, and the forgiveness she needed to give, in order to not only survive, but seriously thrive. For that, I fell in love with Hispanic Hottie Hector.

I’ve finished the concluding story of the series, Rock Chick Revolution, which featured Ally Nightingale and Ren Zano. While it had a unique reel/real twist in it, I didn’t think it surpassed “RC Regret’s” awesome-ness. The eight and last book ended with a note from the author, saying that I can follow Kai “Mace” Mason and Stella (from book 6) to L.A., where Mace has put up his own security agency. TBH, I might or I might not follow. Unless the “tone and voice” “grows/matures” from the “Rock Chick” voice (which I, honestly, found annoying). But, gosh darn it. I’ve already bought ALL the bother Kristen Ashley books anyway…. so maybe I will.


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