Of Cowboys and Dangling Endings

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Finally! A “new” author I’m learning to like. I’ve been absent yet again from my blog for over a week for several reasons:

  1. An extremely sucky Internet connection;
  2. My MacBook won’t quit automatically updating the inherent Apple Apps and kept consuming whatever Internet bytes allotted to me by my stupid ISP;
  3. Recent books I’ve recently read depressed me by being so fucking bad.

So, thank goodness for author Cat Johnson! She saved me from constantly giving bad books even worse ratings. I’ve had the 3 above-pictured e-books on my reader for quite some time now, but I only got to read them all yesterday. Yes: I read all 3 in succession from yesterday afternoon to midnight last night. These 3 from Ms. Johnson’s Midnight Cowboys series were life-savers. Not literally, of course. More, like, from sheer boredom and excessive eye-rolling. Similar to other series I’ve read, though, not all of them were swoon-worthy. Allow me to break my thoughts down for you:

  1. Book 1, Midnight Ride, was the best, in my opinion. I’ve always liked May-December romances, so long as the author does not make illegal ones (e.g., sex between a full-grown adult and a minor) sound sexy. Between 36-year-old widow Janie Smithwick and 24-year-old player-cowboy Tyler Jenkins, this book was both LOL and boohoo. 4-stars.
  2. Book 2, Midnight Wrangler, was likable. It’s a second chance romance between 43-year-olds Rohn Lerner and Bonnie Martin. The only thing I didn’t like was Bonnie’s tendency to act like a 17-year-old D-rated Mexican telenovela actress whenever confronted with an emotional problem. Sheeeesh – the scene where Rohn gets down on one knee to propose marriage to Bonnie using the promise ring he had bought her when they were 18? Bonnie reacts by tearily shaking her head no, running to her car, and driving to their “special place” by the river (i.e., the spot where they first de-virginized each other) to contemplate her long-ago teenaged actions. If Ms. Johnson had made Bonnie of sterner stuff, then I would most likely have rated this a 4-star book. Since she didn’t, Bonnie and Rohn get 3-stars from me.
  3. Book 3, Midnight Heat, was okay. Its synopsis on Amazon and Goodreads makes the book and its main characters, Justin Skaggs and Phoenix Montagno, sound mysterious than they really are. From the get-go, if you’d read book 2 in the series, you’d already know who Phoenix is, in relation to other Cat Johnson characters. Their romance was not hot at all. It was more of a meeting of 20-something-year-olds’ active sexual hormones, I think. Their ending was abrupt and is juuuuust a minor hint of better things to come. It’s realistic, I say, because both MCs were only in their mid-20s in the book. Not romantic, though. So, it’s 2-stars from me.

Weird tidbit about all 3 Midnight Cowboys books: all 3 female main characters are teachers. Janie teaches kids how to ride horses. Both Bonnie and Phoenix are elementary & middle school teachers. Apparently, there are no other jobs in Oklahoma for women aside from being teachers. Other female minor characters are retail store clerks or cashiers, or flirty waitresses or bartenders. Ms. Johnson probably hasn’t met The Pioneer Woman, her Marlboro Man husband, and their 2 cowgirl daughters.

Oh, and there are also no people of color in these books. Another weird tidbit.

There. I’ve typed out my angst against my ISP, my laptop, my hatred for bad books with worse (i.e., annoying) characters, and my thoughts on 3 books I have rated from “okay” to “really like.” I’m now cleaning out my physical bookshelves, searching for my well-loved and dog-eared Judith McNaught books. I need a little cheering up. TGIF!


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