Review: Shielding Lily by Alexa Riley

Screenshot 2016-09-14 09.32.43.png

One of Alexa Riley’s best books! It’s actually *gasp* got a story.

The hero, Ren Hendricks, is the typical AR hero – alpha male, me-man-you-mine, overprotective, ultra successful, handsome as all get out, rough & tough, eyes only for his woman (literally), sexually blessed, one-man woman. In short – fictional. Ha!

The heroine, Lily Parker, needed a savior, but she wasn’t needy and annoying – not to me, at least. She was handed bad cards by life, and then heaven gave her Ren. She is as protective of him as he is with her.

What I especially love, though, about this book, is that the characters live inside a bubble. Lily doesn’t have annoying girlfriends (yay!). Ren doesn’t have annoying guy friends (yay!). Ren’s mother treats Lily like her own daughter. Their college education is virtually free of charge. IKR?! Ridiculously great. Their story is so unbelievable, it’s good. I wish real life was like this. Thanks, Alexa Riley, for bringing back stories with all the goodness you provide! “Shielding Lily” has a beginning, a middle, an end, and epilogues that make me believe that HEA does exist. If you don’t add it to your Kindle Unlimited library now, then I don’t know why you even like life. #JustSayin’


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