Review: Even the Score by Beth Ehemann

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So, I got this book due to the high ratings it got on Goodreads. After reading it, though, it turned out to be a dud.

I mean, it was okay. It wasn’t THAT horrendous, but it was neither a 5-star or even a 3-star type of book, IMO. It had a promising plot that just missed so many marks. You see, it starred two work-addicted sports agents, Andy Shaw and Danicka Douglas. Overworked and overstressed, Andy decides to hire another experienced sports agent to help him with his workload at his own sports management firm. Way I read it – when Danicka (“Dani”) came in, she had her own clients, her own meetings, her own goals to achieve. So, I don’t understand exactly how Dani’s employment helped Andy free up more time for him and his kids. I don’t know anyone in the sports business, but I have worked. Unless Andy has offloaded some of his own clients for Dani to manage – which he didn’t – I really don’t see why she was necessary for his business.

Anyhow, so Andy likes Dani, and Dani likes Andy. Of course, I fully comprehend why Dani would have shields up to protect herself from completely falling for Andy, lest anyone thinks she’s with him because of his status in their industry or his financial well-being. I also get why their company’s executive assistant, Ellie, was pushing them together. Their slow-burn romance was not sizzling – I’ve read better and hotter romances before – but it was sweet.

My real issue with this Beth Ehemann book, however, is the author’s attempt at romantic suspense, when it’s clear (to me, at least) that she should’ve stuck at sweet romance instead. More Jill Shalvis than Nora Roberts, Ms. Ehemann served up a so-so story with a little bit of blood and gore. Heroine Dani experiences some stalker problems that has been escalating since she started at Andy’s firm. The whodunit case is bungled up when the detective assigned to her case couldn’t find the culprit. Whilst Dani has offered up a misogynistic former athlete-client of hers as a potential suspect, neither she or the police detective thought of others who may have a motive to harm her. Perhaps an intelligent deducer of clues would surmise that since Dani left her former job abruptly, thereby taking some pretty big-shot clients from her previous firm when she switched jobs, her greedy ex-bosses may be suspected of the stalking crime, especially since one of them hinted at payback when she left. I mean, c’mon, show us some suspense, man.

Ultimately, though, the perpetrator turned out to be Andy’s sociopathic ex-wife, who had apparently exhibited extremely bad behavior throughout Andy’s life with her. The crazy ex, Blaire (who turned out to be a witch of epic proportions), faked a pregnancy to force Andy to marry her while they were finishing up college, tried to break up a romantic relationship between two of Andy’s friends, was the mother from hell to her 2 kids with Andy, and hired a contractual carpenter of hers, who’s equally as sociopathic, to kill Dani.

2 starsEven The Score” had an anti-climatic ending. Overall, I think I could’ve spent money elsewhere than in the purchase of this okay-book. Would I read my 3 other Ehemann books that I’d purchased earlier this year? Maybe. Maybe not. They might better serve as Christmas re-gifts than gifts to myself. So… it’s back to the drawing board for me in my perpetual quest to find the next great romance author.


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