Review: Apprentice in Death by J.D. Robb

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J.D. Robb (a.k.a. Nora Roberts) is my hero. She creates stories that make you mad, cry, happy, sad, giggle, etc. Her book heroine Lieutenant Eve Dallas lives in a time not far from our present, but seems so other-worldly, particularly because she’s so badass and so revered. And, she’s a woman.

Many of our favorite In Death characters return together with Dallas in “Apprentice in Death.” With them come the “standard” epic feels that only J.D. Robb can evoke in all her avid and addicted readers. Apprentice in Death is the 43rd book in this series, and I hope it won’t ever stop. There’s just nothing like it. Other authors, such as Marie Force who has a weak version of the series in her “Fatal” books (featuring a female homicide lieutenant detective and her politically powerful husband), may try to copycat Robb’s moves, but completely and utterly fail in my estimation. Yes, I know that the way that Dallas and her team seemingly solve murders and crimes is highly unbelievable, but dangnabit, I WANT to believe. Her powers of deduction and gut instincts are so unimaginably cool that I actually think and actively hope that there may be people like her out there in the world – i.e., cops like her who are just THAT good. Likewise, her team of ethical do-gooders and cops who are e-geeks to topple all e-geeks. They are, in one word, awesome.

5 starsI don’t know how Robb comes up with these stories. Some of them are so rooted in science fiction (e.g., Origin in Death), some in believable everyday crazily mental reality (e.g., Apprentice in Death), all are incredible. There, literally, isn’t one book that I would not recommend. “Apprentice” is an eloquent book, one that digs into the human psyche, making you ask the question: “What would you do?” — especially if you’re in Zoe Younger’s shoes. Can’t. Wait. For. The Next.


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