Review: Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen

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Not the best Sarina Bowen book ever – that’s how I’ll describe the first Brooklyn Bruisers book, “Rookie Move.” It sounded too high school, even though it’s set within a fictional New York City borough’s professional ice hockey team’s confines.

  1. Heroine Georgia’s roommate, best friend, & co-worker, Becca, I’m sure, will be a future heroine in a Bruisers book, but in this one, she annoyed me to no end. She just kept on pestering heroine Georgia for sex updates on hero Leo, their high school sex life, and their current sexual and non-sexual interactions while working together in the Bruisers.
  2. Georgia also is not on my list of believable or remarkable heroines. Her abrupt departure from the podium right before she was about to introduce the new team members during a press conference she arranged? That painted her as highly unprofessional, a woman who couldn’t get it together. Even I was embarrassed for her. Additionally, all throughout the book, Georgia kept pining for her Leo, despite it being her who dumped him. Seriously, she even said she was surprised Leo didn’t fight for her after she told him she needed a fresh start without him. Fine, she went through a horrible episode that I, personally, cannot imagine happening to me or anyone I know. Still, though: adult-aged Georgia is pretty pathetic.
  3. Same with Leo. With him, though, he still didn’t have enough cojones to ditch his puck bunny of a college girlfriend, who clung on to him again after she found out that he finally made his way to the big leagues. Also, he remained pissed at Georgia for dumping him when he was trying to help her get through a tough time, but he didn’t really talk to her about it. Just swept it under a proverbial macho rug.
  4. Let’s not even talk about the newly hired Bruisers coach, who also happened to be Georgia’s father. Coach Worthington hated Leo, wouldn’t really coach him, tried to bench him, and then punched Leo for kissing his 25-year-old daughter at a charity benefit. Why Leo (again, stupidly, IMO) did not sue his ass for that ridiculous stunt, I don’t know. Why Leo still wanted to prove he can play to the asshole coach, again, I don’t know.

1 starTBH, I almost couldn’t finish the book, due to my wanting to barf after every scene. I went from page 294 to page 548. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I already knew it was gonna end happily. I just didn’t want to read thru all the shite. Sigh. #SorryNotSorry.


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