Review: With This Kiss (Vols 1-3) by Eloisa James

Eloisa James.jpg

Eloisa James writes historical romances with unusual, nay, unique and weird characters. And, I love them. “With This Kiss” is an exception, though. The novellas feature the children of characters from previous James books “The Ugly Duchess” and “Seduced by a Pirate.” Any generational continuation of beloved fictional characters is a book I’m almost guaranteed to love. These novellas are no exception.

Well, okay, there’s one exception: I bought them as three separate e-books three years ago. Yep, that’s right. Three years ago. As three separate and each one, an expensive novella. Why’d it take me so long to read them? Because there were 10,000 other books to read! Why’d I buy them separately? Because I was too stupid to wait – Amazon is selling them now under one collective book. And, I thought I was rich, for some reason. Ha. Regardless, though, I am so glad I finally picked them up off of my TBR bookshelf, because they were the bomb.

Ms. James made me cry with Lady Grace Ryburn every time she fell just a little more in love with Colin Barry. Colin made me cry with his very understandable struggle to like his job in the Regent-era British Navy. He made me want to stomp my foot every time he mistook Grace for her prettier sister. Their fight to claim the love simmering throughout their lives was, in a word, awesome.

Frankly, I woulda loved to know what Colin finally decided to do after leaving the Navy. I’d like to imagine that it has something to do with horses, as Ms. James briefly touched on this possibility by the end of the 3rd part of With This Kiss. Nonetheless, the novellas were wonderful reads. I cried, I celebrated, I fell in love. Precisely, what GREAT books ought to do: make you lose yourself. Thanks, Eloisa.


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