Review: Wicked Bond by Sawyer Bennett

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I’ve read all 4 of Sawyer Bennett’s Wicked Horse books. Each time after I’ve done so, I always check out Ms. Bennett’s tweets and blogposts to check when Bridger’s book will be out. When it did, this happened:

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Bridger Payne has been a key player in all of the other Wicked men’s stories. Reading the prologue to his story on the previous book was mind-blowing, at the very least. All the kink, the uncomfortable feelings, the hype, and the anticipation were worth it, after diving into this ARC. I knew Bridger’s story would be the hardest to read, knowing how he got his start in the life he’s leading in The Silo. To meet his lady love, Maggie, who unwittingly escaped the nightmares of her own making, was as difficult to digest as well. They weren’t an obvious match made in heaven, but the way their broken prices were weaved together to form a new whole epitomizes Ms. Bennett’s dexterity in making kinky and disturbing love stories work.

My favorite character, however, in Wicked Bond is neither the hero nor the heroine. Rather, it’s a new character Ms. Bennett introduces to us in this latest installment, but who had been in Bridger’s life for longer than the books first started. Father Adrian says to Bridger, at one point in the book, “Accept responsibility. Be genuine. Be kind. Be honest. That doesn’t just pertain to love, Bridger. That should be how you live your life everyday to every person you meet.” THAT line, right there, was the most highly unexpected monologue I would have ever expected in a Sawyer Bennett book, especially in such a dark and twisted series as Wicked Horse. It was also a resounding echo from a fictional character to us in today’s desperate real world.

4 starsWicked Horse is a smut book, but that’s not what it REALLY is. It’s a love story that rose out of a muddy hole (no pun intended). I, for one, am happy to finally reach the end of the Wicked men’s stories and find their happy-ever-afters. It was a wickedly bumpy ride, one that ensures Sawyer Bennett will always be in my TBR list.


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