Review: Hold On by Kristen Ashley

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The fitting end to Kristen Ashley‘s “The ‘Burg” series, “Hold On” brings back Ms. Ashley’s clever and kickass mojo, thus making this book one of her very best, in my humble opinion. Being one of favorite go-to authors, Ms. Ashley has taken me on extreme bumpy rides with her. There were hits (here and here) and there were misses (here and here). When she hits it and I miss it, it’s a major bummer, because I want to like all her books. When I catch what she’s hitting, like “Hold On,” I cry buckets of tears with her, have all the feels for her fictional characters, and get an urging to buy more of her books. Even the Fantasyland series – when I’m already sooo over the paranormal romance genre.

I especially love it when Ms. Ashley (and other romance authors) create and write “tough chick” female characters. With this type of heroine, I think it’s warranted to give the book a 5-star rating. Sure, we all have differing opinions of how to define a “tough chick.” One might say Violet Winters was one, but I can respectfully disagree. I say Dusty Holliday and Cher Rivers are, although the latter’s character had so many evolutions in “The ‘Burg,” it was confusing. Suffice it to say, I didn’t expect Garrett “Merry” Merrick to end up with Cher, so kudos to Ms. Ashley for writing a surprisingly great story that was slightly crazy.

Crazy, because the author took a gamble. She defied expectations and made her hero and heroine defy them, too. Making the plot unpredictable, Ms. Ashley can always count on this book-obsessed blogger, at the very least, to read all her books while keeping an open yet honest mind. The ending to “The ‘Burg” was, as I said, fitting. Thank goodness it was perfect.


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