Review: Games of the Heart by Kristen Ashley

Screenshot 2016-09-02 19.23.07.png

By far one of the best books I’ve read so far, “Games of the Heart” by Kristen Ashley exuded the author’s undeniable talent in weaving seemingly real-life daily challenges with extreme drama, hot sexy scenes between alpha males and strong women, and extremely long yet heart-wrenching monologues.

For once, in this “‘Burg” series, Ms. Ashley wrote a female main character I absolutely love, love, love. Writing a HEA for an unlucky-in-love alpha-male cop was a bonus, too. For these two reasons, I can’t criticize it too much, as it seemed like Ms. Ashley pulled this out of her hat just to shut feministic book reviewers (a.k.a. me) up.

Heroine Dusty Holliday has had more than her fair share of teenage angst; she grew up to be the cool aunt to 2 teenaged boys, a successful artist and businesswoman, and a very capable and strong hear-me-roar female. Jonathan Michael “Mike” Haines, whom we first met in Cal and Violet’s book, is a badass cop, father to two teenagers, and perfectly imperfect. He’d struck out twice already in the game of love, so he was understandably wary of going for it for the third time. What I especially love about this particular ‘Burg book is the bonus story of Finley Declan “Fin” Holliday and Clarisse “Reesee” Haines. And, since this is a Kristen Ashley book, there’s always gotta be that kablam ending. TBH, I never expected the baddie to be THAT whacked up guy. I really thought it was Dusty’s stalker maniac of an ex. Turns out, Ms. Ashley does not like recycling her previous plot lines. Thank goodness for that.

I cannot friggin’ wait to read the next ‘Burg installment, featuring two other characters we met in Cal and Violet’s book.



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