Review: The Millionaire Makeover by Naima Simone

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Naima Simone writes sweet and juicy love stories that calm me down after a hard Tuesday at work. Her Bachelor Auction idea isn’t new (Alexa Riley has a raunchier version of the auction where females got sold to ridiculously horny high rollers), but it remains an interesting theme, as the dynamics between the book hero and heroine start off in a pretty straightforward manner. By “straightforward” I mean “money makes the world go ’round.” Nonetheless, Ms. Simone’s auction books do not focus on the buy-and-sell aspect of 2 people’s love connection; rather, “The Millionaire Makeover” is a tale of second-chance love, orchestrated from beyond the grave.

Okay, okay… I made it sound creepier than it really is. Truth is – The Millionaire Makeover features a man who falls for his best friend’s younger sister (the beyond-the-grave part of the story comes later). He struggles against his own feelings and eventually hurts the object of his affection. Again, it’s a plot that’s been told over and over, but the way Ms. Simone writes it, the angst and stress that Niall Hunter feels every time he pushes and pulls himself away from Khloe Richardson is conveyed perfectly thru the pages. Personally, I read the book feeling like “Let’s Get It On” is a continuous theme throughout. It was difficult, stressful, yet romantic all at the same time.

4 starsHowever, if I were to put myself in Khloe’s shoes (which I always do whenever I read romance novels), frankly, I’d be off men. The way she was treated post-sleepover sessions was traumatic. Since she’s a better person than me (a.k.a., fictional), she got over it and got Niall begging to get back with her, by way of his playing an original song he composed for her on his fiddle, in public. Their HEA ending made the angst felt by this reader all worthwhile.


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