Review: Hard to Fight by Bella Jewel

Screenshot 2016-08-30 09.02.14.png

This was one of those moments where I got pulled in by the book cover. I mean, just looking at it makes it hard to resist. Turns out that “Hard to Fight” by Bella Jewel was a highly unlikely story of a female bounty hunter and her fugitive falling in love. Full of me-man-you-woman cliches and an annoying portrayal of a supposed bad-ass woman who succumbs to her vaginal needs, Hard to Fight is hard to like.

1 starIf this were real life, bounty hunter Grace would get fired so fast from her job, especially since what she did was incredibly unprofessional and plain wrong. I’m not saying this because she’s a woman; any bounty hunter who would go on a paid leave from work to shack up with his or her fugitive is just stupid. And then she decides she can fix it, so she goes to her daddy’s best friend who happens to be a cop, gets herself wired, and makes herself a bait for the real baddie. After all this, she ends up getting tranquilized by the baddie, kidnapped, and kept in a storage facility with her fugitive. They then fight their way out of the makeshift prison, and kills the baddie’s henchmen.

All in all, this was a pretty predictable and boring book. Don’t think I’ll be reading the next two installments.


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