Review: The Fifteenth Minute by Sarina Bowen

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I’m sad that “The Ivy Years” series is over, and that I’ve finished reading all of them. Sarina Bowen’s books got me out of a desperate book schlump that was so bad, I contemplated reading business books instead for the rest of the year. Thankfully, however, Ms. Bowen and her Harkness College creations saved 2016 for me.

The Fifteenth Minute” features pint-sized Hollywood big-league young actress slash ultra serious video gamer and computer hacker, Lianne Challice. Her romantic interest is Daniel “DJ” Trevi, the younger and shorter, less popular but highly controversial Trevi brother who’s also studying in fictional Harkness. While Lianne’s life may sound ideal to some, the poor little rich girl faces some pretty large issues head-on on a daily basis. One, her mother, who needs a “boot up in the backside” type of reality-check (not a reality show) really badly. Two, her asshole of a manager/talent agent to whom Lianne was holding on to to retain memories of her long-dead actor father, who was, also sadly, a person who lacked admirable parenting qualities. Third, the ever dreaded paparazzo who made being famous in America a bad decision for anyone who’s ever wanted a share of the spotlight. With all of these going on, PLUS schoolwork to deal with, the pursuit of a coveted serious acting role, and listening to sexually raunchy and active friends who live next door to her, Lianne seemed to be juggling the world on her shoulders. I’m tired just from typing all the events revolving around her.

Meanwhile, DJ is going thru his own shit. Crap so thick, I wonder why anyone would still want to be part of organized religion after reading this. Also, I wonder why anyone would want to be parents. DJ’s Annie-gate scandal, to me, is sooooo huge that I wanted to reach out to Annie’s second love interest, a minor character a.k.a. a Harkness hockey player, and tell him to B-E-W-A-R-E. It’s shocking to me why women (any woman) would cry “rape” at a time when it’s a patently false and debilitating accusation. They’re why other legitimate rape cases fall through the social and moral cracks in our modern era. It’s sad, to say the least.

4 starsAnyway, my thoughts about the finale to “The Ivy Years”: “The Fifteenth Minute” is a befitting end to one of my favorite book series. I can’t ask for anything better. Except for the impending release of The Ivy Years’ spin-off books, which starts with Leo Trevi’s book on September 6th!


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