Review: Endless Summer Cookbook by Katie Lee

Screenshot 2016-08-28 15.21.34.png

Confession: Katie Lee is not my favorite “The Kitchen” co-host. If I had a choice of whose cookbook I’d buy, it’ll either be Sunny Anderson’s or Geoffrey Zakarian’s. But, then, I was gifted with a copy of Ms. Lee’s cookbook, and I thought, what the hell – maybe she’ll have 10,000 salad recipes, since that’s what she always proclaims to love eating on her Food Network show.

So, I read thru the “Introduction” pages. She briefly alludes to her marriage to Billy Joel, with whom she lived in the ultra-posh Hamptons, the place she waxes eloquent about, over and over again. The girl from West Virginia has, apparently, found a “symmetry” between her farm-to-table life in simple WV and in opulent NY. When I finished her introductory note, I thought, “okay, this sounds good.”

Then, I came to the first two recipes:

  1. Grilled doughnuts with melted Nutella: The ingredients in this opulent recipe are – brace yourself – cinnamon sugar doughnuts and, you guessed it, Nutella. Ms. Lee does not impart any recipe for the doughnuts. She wants us to buy them from our local bakeshop and doctor them with store-bought Nutella. Okay. Fine.
  2. Grilled doughnuts with ricotta and honey: The ingredients are yeast doughnuts, ricotta cheese, and honey. Hmmm… I’m starting to suspect the underwhelming formula to her recipes now.

After these two recipes, I stopped reading the cookbook. Then, I emailed my friend who gave me the e-book. I thanked her and asked her when she would like to drop by my house with doughnuts. I told her I got the Nutella and the honey. We’ll skip the expensive ricotta. She answered: “LOL! Pass. If you have Spam and eggs, though, I’ll be there!”

Great. I think I’ll go back to my bacon and toast.

P.S. WTH are Green Zebra tomatoes? I think Ms. Lee’s book is intended for her well-off Hamptonians, not Asian peasants.


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