Review: Fall Into Place by Alexa Riley

Screenshot 2016-08-20 08.10.58.png

Alexa Riley is, to me, the queen(s) of smut. Her short stories of men impregnating virgins, of female virgins willingly panting after their men’s gigantic members, of male AND female virgins being destined together forever are, to be quite candid, ridiculous. And, I’ve read all of them. Furthermore, I’ll continue doing so until the dynamic duo who form “Alexa Riley” stop producing these books.

Ridiculous though these stories are, they’re a form of escapism that are fun, harmless, and highly entertaining. Oh, they’re not worthy of high praise, I know, because they’re all strictly low brow, but damn, “Fall Into Place” is classic Alexa Riley. One can only feel two things while reading a Riley book: either she loves it or hates it. Hence, please excuse this Alexa Riley lover while I go read another in my TBR (a.k.a. for rainy days) list. Bye!


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