Review: The Player and The Pixie by L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid

Screenshot 2016-08-19 14.57.15.png

I hated this. I really did. DNF’ed it because I just couldn’t stand the main characters. Kleptomaniac Lucy Fitzpatrick explains her stealing habits because of stress and anxiety caused by her mother and by her sex-student, rugby star Sean Cassidy. Poor little rich boy Sean is treated badly by his adoptive parents, who are also his biological uncle and aunt. Hence, he has extremely poor social skills, leading to his bad attitude towards Lucy’s brother, Ronan, who’s also his professional rugby teammate. Obviously, the bad treatment is caused by his inexplicable jealousy of Ronan’s popularity. His social skills are so bad that not one of his many female ex-lovers has ever told him he’s bad at sex. He also has no clue whatsoever. He’s apparently horrible at self-learning despite his claim of watching porn and reading sex books. That’s why he devised a way to be better at sex by chasing after klepto Lucy.

1 starThe reason why I like books so much is because I find things to relate with or to, inside the books. This one, though? It’s just weird. I can’t even find Lucy and Sean’s story romantic or sexy. I can’t even understand what Lucy does for a living. She supposedly works for her future sister-in-law’s celebrity gossip blog, on which she sometimes inserts stories about dogs. I’m like: WTF is going on??!! It was just… weird.


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