Review: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

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This was different from anything I’ve read this year. This is a phenomenally written book that’s supposedly based on the author’s own true life story. “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover is not one’s typical love story. It’s a love gone awry – it got so twisted that that same love physically turned into pain.

From the very beginning, “It Ends With Us” gripped me by the throat and just drove me into a whirlwind of happiness, sadness, anger, pity, and confusion. I consider myself a staunch feminist, but in reading about Lily’s story and in finding out who was ultimately the person she ends “it” with, I find myself really questioning how I would handle being in such a situation myself. Like Lily and, probably millions of other women, I always said that if someone I loved ever hurts me that way, I’m walking away immediately. And reporting him to the police directly afterwards. However, the reason why she took her torturer back………. it’s heartbreaking, really, because I was there with her when she first met him. He was wonderful – the familiar alpha male character we’ve all come to recognize and love from numerous books. I also wonder how people, especially women, can go through love and relationships over and over again, if they had first gone through the same cliched type of pain.

5 starsThe pursuit of love, as expressed here in “It Ends With Us,” is a ride that’s not for the weak-hearted. When a friend gifted me with a copy of this e-book, I’ll admit I was reluctant and skeptical. She persisted and I caved. I told her I was never a big fan of Ms. Hoover’s, because I’ve always been in search of light, fun, and airy reading before bedtime. Then, as soon as I finish this masterpiece, I texted her at 2AM and said “thanks for the ride.” The same thanks go out to Ms. Hoover for telling this story. It. Was. Awesome.


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