Review: Bounty by Kristen Ashley

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Last book in the Colorado Mountain series! I’m happy I’m done, but I’m also sad that I’m done. This is only the second series that I’ve read back-to-back, 6 times in a row, in a span of two weeks. The first series I read in sequence and in consecutive order were the 4 Twilight books – I missed work for 2 straight days just to read Stephenie Meyer’s debut novels.

But I digress. Let me recount “Bounty,” Kristen Ashley’s 6th book in the Colorado Mountain series. The first 45% of the book consisted of the heroine, Justice “Jus/Jussy” Lonesome, pining after her hero, Deke Hightower. They first met, briefly, at a biker bar in Wyoming. Before a 10-minute chat with her hero, Jussy (a stupid nickname, IMO BTW, as it has the same number of syllables as her given name), was able to write lyrics to a song that would eventually become a chart-topping hit. After the same 10-minute chat, they both agreed to meet the next morning for a bike ride. Deke stood her up (apparently, for a good reason).

Jussy never forgot him though, and after seven years and a critically-acclaimed rock ballad album, she sees Deke again in another biker bar, one that’s very familiar to Colorado Mountain readers. She then proceeds to pine after Deke again; at one point, she even prays, “God, please let him remember me.”

I mean, really? She’s 34 years old and she’s chasing and pining and praying after a man. One word: eww. Two more words: grow up. I have to get this out to the world, too, before I burst: in the first 20% of the book, with all the rubbish Jussy was facing with her family, all that’s running thru my head are the words, “Girl’s only got rich girl problems. #SorryNotSorry.”

Nonetheless, Deke pulls his head outta his ass and reciprocates Jussy’s love for him. These actions are all good. Else, we’ll have no love story. His reciprocation, obviously, is triggered by Jussy getting attacked in her home. It’s a scene that’s reminiscent of so many other love stories, and it works – it’s just not my cuppa anymore, I suppose.

3 starsUltimately, Bounty is a story of love conquers all. I’m happy it’s about two main characters who are in their mid and late 30s – something that the Colorado Mountain series books all have in common. The books do not follow the same love-story-formula that Jill Shalvis’ serial-yet-stand-alone books are. For this, I thank you, Ms. Ashley, for the variety. And the major drama here. And the playlist. It’s pretty cool.

There’s supposed to be another book in the series, which would star Wood and Maggie. I don’t know why this is necessary, though: we readers already know what happened to them and saw their HEA. Unless Maggie dies and leaves Wood a widower with their two kids? Oooooohhhhh… THAT would make me buy the seventh book. If not? Meh. I’m moving on.

P.S. Deke’s lovey-dovey nickname for Jussy is “gypsy.” I get that it’s an appropriate term for them both, but it’s an un-sexy nickname. Just sayin’.

P.P.S. The title of the book is “Bounty,” because that’s like a secret code between the two lovers. Jussy is a sweet, rich girl who thinks everything she’s been given is a bounty. Deke starts thinking the same after he hooks up with Jussy. “Bounty” is the word they whisper to each other after Jussy gives him a hot kiss while she knelt on a stage and Deke was in the VIP pit in front of her. Cute, but still not tingly oohlala sexy. Just meh.


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