Feeling emotional

I’m about 90% done with “Lady Luck” by Kristen Ashley. It’s about a half-black man who was grossly framed for voluntary manslaughter – by cops. This is 100% reflective of what’s going on in our society today. It’s not right, obviously, and as a person of yellow and brown skin color myself, it physically and mentally hurts to read a fiction that seems so real. I know there are good cops in America and in here, despite what we see in current events. We just need to stay positive, check our own biases, be alert, express love, debunk any hatred, and pray to God that Trump doesn’t win.

I just HAVE to share one of the passages that made me cry while being fully absorbed into “Lady Luck.” This was what Ty Walker said to the mother of another black man who committed suicide after also being framed for a crime a cop also committed:

“[I] Know what he lived through, all of it, bein’ inside and not wantin’ to go back, bein’ framed, knowin’ he was goin’ down and why. Don’t know you; don’t know the kind of life you’ve lived but I do know it’s doubtful you lived through somethin’ like that. I know why he did what he did too. It was his choice. It was him takin’ his power back. It was him doin’ what he could to save you from livin’ through that hell with him. It was not the right choice but it was a compassionate one.”

Excerpt From: Kristen Ashley. “Lady Luck.” iBooks.

Please help spread the word and the love. Give someone free hugs.




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