Review: The Gamble by Kristen Ashley


I’m 5 years too late, so I’m playing catch up. This has been on my shelf for about a year now, particularly because I want to get to “The Bounty,” which received a 5-star rating from NBJ. What I expected, prior to starting it: that “The Gamble” will be a good book. What I got after I finished it:


If you’ve ever enjoyed any theme in any book, Kristen Ashley basically threw it all at us in “The Gamble,” and more.

  1. Hot, alpha mountain man? Check.
  2. Fierce, intelligent, cute, and beautifully blonde female main character? Check.
  3. Murder and mayhem? Check.
  4. Poor, emotionally abused invalid person? Check.
  5. Drama, in the form of rape and suicides? Check.
  6. Funny supporting characters? Check.
  7. Dismal and useless parent? Check.
  8. Annoying mother? Check.
  9. Military man with PTSD? Check.
  10. Small town coziness and nosiness? Check.
  11. Insta-love and incredible sexy scenes? Check, check, and check.

Yup, everything. Except for the mafia, MC, and rock & roll god, I got it all right here in this doozy of a book. And, I can’t wait to dive into the next one in the series. Seriously, what’s not to love about this? Okay, okay, there were moments when I’ve heard Nina say “Max” one too many times in those annoying one-word sentences, but otherwise, Max the Macho Mountain Man can take-over anytime he wants.

P.S. I read the blurb for “Sweet Dreams,” and it’s set in another part of Colorado. I thought it was gonna be about Brody, Max’s bestie, but oh well, “Carnal, Colorado” as a setting doesn’t sound bad.

P.P.S. I just Googled “Gnaw Bone, Colorado” to see if it’s a real place. Turns out there doesn’t seem to be one – but there IS a real “Gnaw Bone, Indiana.” Road trip, anyone? 4 stars


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