Review: The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake by Jessica Clare

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I resisted the novella, “His Royal Princess,” from Jessica Clare’s “Billionaire Boys’ Club” series, because its plot was just waaay out there – so far out that it might as well have been labeled as a dystopian romance. But, somehow, I just keep getting pulled back by the offshoot of that series. Already, I’ve finished the latest installment in the”Billionaires and Bridesmaids” series, “The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake,” which is the fourth book of its ilk. I read the blurb, I had extra cash, so I was… like, meh, let’s spend it.

Was it a wise decision? Not really. I mean, it was okay. I liked the heroine, Greer. Her hero-counterpart, Asher? Took a lot of getting used to, IMO. I felt really bad for Greer – shithead for a father, drunk sperm donor for a first-time lover, and Gretchen as one of her best friends. In case you don’t know, I hate Gretchen; she’s one of the most annoying heroines in any romance novels I’ve ever read. She first appeared here, then was featured, rightfully so, here. Her feature story, “Beauty and the Billionaire,” was my FAVORITE in the “BBC” series. And, then, for some odd and irritating reason, Gretchen’s character changed. Drastically. Like, she was the baddie in this one. If someone knows why Ms. Clare decided to do that, please let me know. Else, I keep buying and getting disappointed in these books.

3 starsNote to self: do NOT buy… I repeat, DO. NOT. BUY the next installment in “B&B” series. It features Taylor, another female character you cannot stand. Save yourself from further heartache and more money. Okay, Kim? Thanks.


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