Review: Wicked Ride by Sawyer Bennett

Screenshot 2016-07-27 16.29.40.png

I received an ARC of this book:

You know that feeling after you’ve finished riding a roller coaster? Your tummy feels like it’s still swimming somewhere inside your lungs, you’re breathing like a horse, and your mouth hurts from all the excessive ear-to-ear grinning? Well, I have that. Right now. I’ve just finished Wicked Ride.

That’s exactly what it was. Sawyer Bennett took me on a wicked ride. Yes, I acknowledge that there was a lot of sex. Yes, there was a lot of kink. Yes, it was not like Ms. Bennett’s other books. What it was was awesome. I gotta admit, though, after reading smut scene after smut scene, a girl can get tired. And, then, KABLAM! Ms. Bennett hit me with a doozy – and it didn’t come from the con artist.

Plus, the epilogue. Holy macaroni. The EPILOGUE. Bridger. Mysterious woman. A glimpse into his back story (awful, but homigawd huwaow). Maybe a teaser of another new series?

4 starsOh, and the non-dialogue appearance of Cal and Macy, and the smokestack of a prosecutor from their series. I’m done for the day, people. Laid out on the floor. BOOK 5, please, Sawyer! Please!


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