Review: His by Brenda Rothert

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Isn’t the cover beautiful?

I loved the ebb and flow of Quinn and Andrew’s story. While there was insta-lust between the two main characters, Brenda Rothert wisely restrained on making this another cliched Cinderella story. Quinn is a badass girl from the streets of NYC, who was picked up, out of the blue, by Andrew’s personal assistant for her to service the young tech billionaire. Andrew is an equally badass young guy who had a weird penchant for ordering and paying for sex with street girls. I am, of course, making light of his whole persona, but that’s how much I can sum it up in.

What I liked:
1. Quinn is no damned damsel in distress. She does things for two main things: to survive and to protect her sister at all costs.

2. Andrew did not push Quinn for sex. Their story’s progression was a slow, but very necessary and realistic burn.

3. The main characters are young. Quinn’s 21 and Andrew’s 28. Thank god there was no annoying “does he love me, does he not” crap type of mentality/attitude for these two. Thank you for that, Ms. Rothert!

What I didn’t like:
Probably because “His” was a slow burning story, either Ms. Rothert ran out of steam at the end or her editor slashed the story to keep to a certain number of pages for the book. All the baddies suddenly came out of the woodworks and the climax & denouement were smooshed into the last 10% of the book. There were plenty of things left unanswered in the end: [WARNING: Spoilers ahead!]

1. Why did Bean initially help out Quinn and Bethy on the streets, then turn a vicious 180-degree turn against the sisters? I had the impression that he was secretly in love with Quinn, that’s why he didn’t like it when she “sold” herself to Andrew. Then, he started to drink and demanded for $40K as the sisters prepared to leave. It was very weird.

2. Bean had violently revealed his true nature to the sisters, but after they overpowered him during their struggle, what happened to him then? Did Andrew exact revenge, even though his Circle of Six, technically, go after terrorists only? Did Bean’s drug cartel friends get to him? I wanna know, dammit.

3. Quinn’s stepfather, Paul, turned up and did his thing. What happened to the sisters’ mom? Was she ever charged with anything after the truth came out?

4. So, it turned out that Dawson, the personal assistant, was a baddie, too. He stupidly risked his six-figure salary to traitorously let Paul the Monster into Andrew’s home, so that he could terrorize Quinn again. Why was Dawson suddenly made into a baddie? He was the one who found Quinn for Andrew. What happened to him after his violent breach of confidence?

5. Bethy wants to study to be a doctor and eventually work in a non-profit benefiting homeless people. What did Quinn want to study as? I hope she’s not gonna rely on Andrew and shed her badassiness.

4 starsWith all these, I had to give it a four. If only the ending was as polished as the beginning and the middle parts of the story… Regardless of my unanswered questions, however, I’d still read more of Ms. Rothert’s stories. I loved this. Kinda.


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