Review: Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

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This is completely different from any other romance novels I’ve ever read before. “Archer’s Voice,” while unique in its story, also tugs viciously at heart strings, makes you think deeply, and practically begs us all to remember to be kind.

Mia Sheridan expertly blends YA romance and heavy drama, without the cloying neediness I often find in YA novels. She’s……….. augh, how do I describe someone I don’t personally know, but feel like I do, after reading only 2 books so far in her repertoire of zodiac-sign-based books? I suppose I can sum it up only best when I say: she’s a damned good writer. Her hero, Archer Hale, lost his voice after accidentally, painfully, and forcibly taking part in a brother vs. brother showdown when he was just a 7 year old child (and, no, I’m not talking about that HGTV show). He lived in isolation, neglect, fear, and loneliness for years, until town newbie, Bree Prescott, befriends him. Bree, who has had her fair share of experiencing heavy-duty tragedy and trauma, ultimately shows Archer how to, not only to live, but how to love and how to trust. In return, she finds her own self and claims a love that we all, in real-life, wish we could have.

quotation markArcher’s Voice while unique in its story, also tugs viciously at heart strings, makes you think deeply, and practically begs us all to remember to be kind.


Despite the OTT-drama and the often predictable twists, I found myself really,4 stars really, REALLY liking “Archer’s Voice.” Its hero was so highly unusual for me – he’s not an obvious alpha-male, and at times, showed so much vulnerability that, if he were real, would have scared me from befriending him, too. Ditto for its heroine – she’s highly impulsive and naively thinks that “love will conquer all.” This, at a time, when Archer didn’t know what he was going to do for a living. [N.B.: If there is any one person reading this who THINKS money is not important, even in a fictional romantic relationship, s/he desperately needs a slap up the head. IMO.] Digging down deeper, though, and thinking beyond the skin-deep qualities of these two fictional characters, the values ingrained and woven into the story are the same as mine. I especially liked it when Archer found his voice; that voice was not just discovered thru Bree, but by himself, too, when he went on that journey to find out who “Archer Hale” is. For me, that was the clincher. And, the reason why Mia Sheridan’s books would now always either be on my “read” or “TBR” lists.

P.S. I also secretly love the fact that this is a book about a fellow Sagittarian, one whose birthday falls on the exact day as mine. And, on Britney Spears’.


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