Review: Wicked Sexy by J.T. Geissinger

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Stop! Hold the presses, people! The stars and the moons have somehow, miraculously, aligned, and they’ve decided to give me a break and gave me 3 perfect books in a row. Holy spaghetti, my life rocks and I spent good money wisely, for a change.

After I read Wicked Beautiful, I was just left metaphorically crying on the floor. It was THAT good. And, then I read this, the second book in the Wicked Games series, Wicked Sexy – and found it even better. Now, I can’t stop buying J.T. Geissinger books from left, right, up, and down – frankly, from wherever I can get them.

Heroine Tabitha “Tabby” West is a badass. She’s smart as hell, beautiful, curvy, possesses5 stars the self-preservation instincts of a lioness, funny, sensitive, and, by all that’s holy – I’m gonna repeat it – totally, fuckingly badass. I cannot even BEGIN to say how much I love this character.

Connor Hughes is legit. I swear. It’s like Ms. Geissinger got a hold of my brain, extracted my wildest dreams, and TA-DAH… Connor was born. He’s Tabby’s man. Plain and simple. He gets her what he wants. Protects her if he’s needed. Doesn’t get in her way. Made me fall in love with him, he did. As I’m reading this book, all I kept envisioning in my head is:

Jason Momoa


Some of my favorite dialogues exist in “Wicked Sexy.” Normally, I don’t do this, but I just HAVE to share:

While he was cooking her breakfast:

Connor: “I’d ask how you like your eggs, but I already know.”
Tabby: “Oh? And how’s that?”
He suggestively looks me up and down, waggles his eyebrows, and then drawls, “Fertilized.”

“Say it,” he demands, and his eyes are so full of need, I melt.
Staring deep into his eyes, I murmur, “I love you. With my whole heart. And I will until the day I die.”

Connor talking to his 2nd-in-command, Ryan, about the game of chess:

[Connor] asks, “What’s the most valuable piece on the board?”
[Ryan] “Technically the king. The goal is to get him in checkmate. That wins the game. He’s the most important piece, but he’s not the most powerful.”
[Connor] “Who’s the most powerful?”
The door on the opposite side of the room opens. Tabby stands there, outlined in light. Despite being pale and somber, despite the dark hollows under her eyes that betray her fatigue, her chin is up. Her back is straight. Her legs are braced shoulder-width apart.
She looks ready for battle.
Ryan says, “The queen.”


I know I’m being all over the place right now, but my fingers can’t type as fast as my brain can bounce from one epiphany to the next. So, let’s go back a little bit to Tabby. Like I said, she’s badass. The moment she said to Connor, “a real hero would teach the princess how to save herself,” I just thought “OMG. She’s Drew Barrymore’s Cinderella.”

ever after
THAT Cinderella did NOT need her prince to save her from the big, bad man. Cinderella pointed a freakin’ sword at John Malkovich’s effin’ exposed throat and told him to give her the damned keys!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew. Ehem. Suffice it to say, “Ever After” is one of my favorite movies. And Tabby is MY kind of heroine. To romance authors everywhere: may we please, pretty, pretty please get my Tabbys? Please? Thanks.

‘f course, in “Wicked Sexy,” Connor needed to man-up and complete Tabby’s work in saving herself. I ain’t complainin’ *Sigh* It. Was. Perfect.

Okay, where was I? Oh, right. I was right here, getting like this after almost every scene:
 photo mind blown_zpsxjrbtoeh.gif

Oh, and, the baddie was just OTT, as in, to-the-point-of-return-OTT. I just kept thinking, “this is sooooooo freakin’ Jane Bond.” And, I was right. Except in this case, Jane got her cake AND her icing-topper of a man. Jeez luweez. I loved it.


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