Review: Wicked Beautiful by J.T. Geissinger

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Wow, okay. Wow!  J.T. Geissinger blew me away. “Wicked Beautiful,” upon first reading its blurb, sounded like it’s a simple girl vs. boy light story. Trust me, it’s not. Yes, it’s a second chance love story. Yes, it’s got a strong, independent female main character. Yes, it’s got a hot, intelligent, and persistent male main character. From a shallow perspective, it is all that makes a romance novel so damned good.

“Wicked Beautiful” IS wickedly beautiful.

Within it, however, is something deeper. Something very Shakespearian in its telling of a tragic comedy. Talk about crossed wires, Montague vs. Capulet types of families, a bigot of a father, a well-meaning and heartbroken mother, and best friends who provide the comedic pauses we all need once in a while. In short, I think “Wicked Beautiful” IS wickedly beautiful.

Victoria Price is my hero. Her sharp wit, her self-empowerment, and her strive to right the wrongs done to her in the past — these are the makings of my ideal romantic heroine. Author J.T. Geissinger is correct. In real life, Victoria would be labelled a bitch. Then again, what self-made female millionaire isn’t?

Her counterpart, Parker Maxwell, is what we all hope any book-boyfriend would be. He’s a one-woman type of guy, self-made, romantic as hell, sexy (in my mind), intelligent, hard-working, focused, and, dare I say, rich. I’m just overjoyed, however, that he discovers later on in their story, that Victoria’s riches surpass his. And, he’s all right with that. He doesn’t feel emasculated. He felt proud even. (Personal aside: Too bad Victoria didn’t take all her money with her after she… that would have made THIS bitch-blogger prouder.)

5 starsMy first Geissinger book is a huge 5-star deal. I cannot express how happy I feel, as I write this, that I actually have e-books that are this good, especially after reading Vi Keeland’s Bossman. Moving on now to Wicked Sexy (which was just released 3 days ago, a few days after WB’s release) and to one of my favorite romantic themes: the brutish brain vs the brainier sassy girl.


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