Review: Unexpected Reality by Kaylee Ryan

Screenshot 2016-07-20 21.19.15.png

An awww-inducing cover

Please bear with me when I say: this book was completely unexpected. All pun intended.

I’ve said in the past that I’m not into sweet romances anymore, but Kaylee Ryan just disproved that statement. I love single father romances; there are too few of them out there, at least, I think we’re really lacking good stories of single dads in feel-good sexy romances. This one, I must confess, just flew to the top of my pile of TBR after staring at the book cover one too many times.

While there are certain parts that were way OTT in terms of cheesiness, it was a great read. 4 stars Unlike some of the other negative reviews on Goodreads, I didn’t roll my eyes while reading this gem of a book. Ms. Ryan’s superb, easy-flowing, fast-paced writing really made the story what it is: just plain good. She made me root for her main characters, even for all her minor characters: Tyler, Reagan, Mark, Dawn, Seth, etc. It helped, too, that even though Ms. Ryan put a major twist near the end of the book, there was minimal drama involved in the already-very-complicated lives of the characters. And, while there was a major twist, both the hero and the heroine acted like adults in handling the wrench/bomb that got thrown their way. For that, I thank Ms. Ryan. I guess it wasn’t the “squeaky clean” romances I objected to – it was the bad writing involved in typical YA romance-dramas.

………….. No. Wait. Let me retract that a bit. I do have a problem with squeaky clean romances – there has to be some sexy scenes involved in romances. Ms. Ryan delivered (again, thank you!). The one I read recently – *cough* Holding Holly *cough* – didn’t. ‘Nuff said.

P.S. I just had to search for more daddies with babies pics.

 photo 10e54128f09fe032f2a8eb584a64fa79_zpsgepx4wx4.jpg

 photo baby-and-dad-sleeping_zpsoqx2ha77.jpg

 photo baby daddy_zpsetjmmiuw.jpg

 photo bigstock-Father-with-his-young-baby-cud-56371625-810x540_zpsbdnsfmd5.jpg

Sigh. Okay, I’m done.


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