Review: The Billionaire and His Castaway by Alexa Riley

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All images’ copyrights are owned by Alexa Riley

If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it again. I love everything Alexa Riley. Their books are fast reads, sexily sizzling hot, OTT romantic, incredibly hot, really impossible, amazingly hot, short and sweet, and did I mention, hot?

Truly, I have nothing critical to say about “The Billionaire and His Castaway.” It’s very Alexa Riley. Took me 30 minutes, tops, to finish it. At the end of it, I hugged my pillow and slept a dreamless sleep. Perfect. Work forgotten for the night. That’s always been my aim in reading the Alexa Riley tandem’s dirty books.

Now, if I could just get one of the authors to wave “hi” to me on any of the social media accounts I stalk them on, then it’ll really make my Tuesday night waaaaay better than I originally plan it to be.


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