Review: Heartbreaker by Melody Grace

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I first read Heartbeats, the novella that precedes the story in Heartbreaker, before tackling this one. I was excited with “Heartbreaker,” particularly because of the cover art. Guilty confession: I fell a little bit in love. The cover model is Jesus with freckles on his face, and I can just imagine him with guitar strumming hands. Divine. Just divine.

I digress, though, as I really want to talk about Finn and Eva. Their second-chance love story is as good as a second-chance story is gonna get, I suppose. The one I read before this had me wanting to squeeze the heroine’s neck out of sheer frustration. Thankfully, Eva kept herself together. While she acknowledged that she was still broken, thanks to Finn unexpectedly leaving her behind during their first attempt at love, she didn’t make it super easy for him. I am firmly of the belief that love should be earned, and even though Finn was pining for her all throughout their separation, I’m glad she made him crawl first.

Melody Grace’s style of writing self-publishing is new to me, but perhaps it’s a tried-and-true formula in the age of self-publication (she is, after all, a NYTimes and USA Today bestselling author. I think she deliberately writes short stories about her main characters, then gives those novellas away for free, in order to lure readers who liked the said novella to buy the follow-up novel. Personally, I’m glad that that formula did not work on me. Why? Because I didn’t like Heartbeats at all. Young Eva is of a very different mindset, at least compared to my 35-year-old one. Young Finn – the same. While some people want to re-live their high school years, I am sooo over them and really don’t like living in a teenage girl’s mind, even if she’s a fictional character. Thank goodness Finn and Eva, now in their early-20s in Heartbreaker, gave them more experience and more wisdom than this 35-year-old has plans of garnering. Overall, a good read.


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