Review: Whiskey Neat by Lani Lynn Vale

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Lani Lynn Vale’s writing is fast paced and packed with action. So much action that it can, at times, be OTT. However, I didn’t mind it too much because I still read it from start to finish, despite it being another MC book. (Yes, I’ve read my fair share of MC romance novels, and I’ve had enough.) Ms. Vale painted her characters so well that I could see them so clearly in my head, despite my slight annoyance for her penchant for one-sentence paragraphs. While “Whiskey Neat” is not a masterpiece of epic proportions, it is a quick and fantastic escape from reality. You won’t cry for the characters, because, their trials and tribulations were just so aplenty. So abundant were their challenges that I found myself just prodding along with poor, l’il ol’ sex shop owner Lenore with her fantastic mane of red hair (plus her benign brain tumor/cyst, her haters Jenna and Diane, her overly generous angelic heart,etc.) and having my heart hurt a tad for big, bad, handsome Griffin. Like, it ain’t no BFD that her house and shop were ransacked, then her house was later burnt down, and she got shot in the head (which then caused a medical miracle). Griffin’s own tragic burden is a reality that happens everyday, though, so – sniff.

lenore and griffin

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That the book’s baddies were a preacher and a politician were icing on this proverbial cake. I do so love my cliches.

Let me digress a little bit, though, and say that one of the hardest hitting lines in Ms. Vale’s “Whiskey Neat” is this:

“Cops are held back by rules that don’t apply to the criminals, good guys go down for crimes they didn’t commit, and bad guys walk away from crimes they did commit on bullshit technicalities because the prosecution can’t make the charges stick.”

Excerpt From: Lani Lynn Vale. “Whiskey Neat (The Uncertain Saints MC Book 1).” iBooks.

You see, just before I started reading this book, I read the news about what happened to four (update: now five) Dallas Policemen, what happened to Alton Sterling, and to Philando Castile. What’s going on, America? Things shouldn’t have to escalate to this level. Black Lives Matter. So Do Cops’. Everyone’s, in fact, who are put on this earth. When’s it going to stop?


Ehem. Now, back to the regularly scheduled program of this blog:

Would I read this again? No.
Would I continue reading the rest of books in the series? Yes.
Would I read other Lani Lynn Vale books? Yes.
Would I recommend this book to you? Yes, if you like sexy, hot scenes; insta-love; and a so-so plot.


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