Review: Stripped Bare by Emma Hart

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His hat & the book title are covering the very thing we all want to see

Author Emma Hart and I have a different senses of humor. I suppose she is funny – to some people, but to me, not one giggle peeps out. But, man oh man, the stories she writes are pure escapism. “Stripped Bare” is no exception.

Book hero West Rykland is H-O-T-T hot. The pages off of my e-reader are practically sizzling every time my eyes land on Ms. Hart’s naughty words. He’s got issues, but apparently, he has legitimate reasons why. Book heroine, Mia O’Halloran, on the other hand, seemed immature, tiring, and high-maintenance to this reader. Also, I’m a marketer and salesperson by profession, so, to me, what Mia does to help promote West’s male strip club is ludicrous. Seriously – does anyone go to strip clubs in Vegas to read and respond to food & beverage promotion fliers placed on tables? What’s the P&L look like for West’s additional marketing expenditures? In theory, Mia’s job sounded sexy. In reality, it sounded redundant and costly. But, hey, what do I know? Mia and West needed to meet again, so I guess it is plausible(?).

In any case, “Stripped Bare” contains a lot of inner monologues communicating Mia’s mid-20s angst. And, I mean, A LOT. Too much, in my humble opinion. Every time she encounters West, her panties go flying down her legs anyway, so her uncontrollable sexual urges always trumped the inner angst. Reading about it over and over and over again is NOT my idea of fun. It took me away from the plot and made my cynical eyes want to automatically roll, but I, a woman in her mid-30s, managed to control the said eyes. Because I really needed the book-escape and deserved to know how it ends after paying for the darned e-book.

Books about redeeming bad boys, especially those who strip out of their clothes for a living, are not unique. In fact, two recent Hollywood movies are successful enough for any idiot to know the concept is very, very bankable.

 photo male strippers_zpsa5cdawet.gif

Obviously, I couldn’t resist buying another book that has male strippers in it. The book cover, in and of itself, is EXTREMELY great marketing. Likewise, when you delve into an Emma Hart book, the sexy scenes will not disappoint. Overall, not a bad read.



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