Review: Up In Flames by Abbi Glines

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I’ve been expecting Abbi Glines’ new book for forever! Her last book was released more than six months ago, which, to an avid reader’s point of view, is waaaayyyy too long. *Just kidding (well, not really). At one point, I read her entire Rosemary Beach series in a span of one week. That was (is?) how obsessed I was (am) with these books.

According to Goodreads, right after the release of “The Best Goodbye,” I was anticipating Dean Finlay’s book/backstory, but, alas, I was thwarted. Instead, Ms. Glines chose to tell Nan Dillon’s story – the villain that I, like anyone else who’s ever read all of the Rosemary Beach books, loved to hate.

A word of warning to all my fellow book nerds: if you’re planning to buy “Up In Flames,” then you HAVE to read all the 12.5 books that come before it, just so you can understand what’s going on. This book starts off quite abruptly, with Nan having an initial “oh, woah is me” moment. The poor, little rich girl act is typical of Nan’s character, and I braced myself to hate “Up In Flames.” Moreover, Ms. Glines threw Major back at us. Major was a minor character (pun very much intended) in previous Rosemary books. One would think he’s Nan’s love-interest in this book, but… aha! Surprise twist, people. SURPRISE. TWIST. Major was a major ass. Nan grew up, somewhat. And, then, holy cow. I wasn’t expecting that ending and her Copeland Roth. Just goes to show you what I knew, self-proclaimed avid reader that I am, huh?

nuh uh uh

I was also really surprised with the entire plot. You see, about a year ago, someone had published a completely different blurb on Goodreads for Nan’s book. I was expecting Nan to slink out of Rosemary Beach in shame, as her only former allies, Rush and Grant, were already married and have had it with her shite. I was also expecting her father, Kiro, to finally disown her and force her to fend for herself, as “punishment” for her poor treatment of Harlow. She was supposed to be working as a lowly waitress somewhere else, then meet the man of her dreams (one who can handle her drama-ridden life), and, finally, go back home to Rosemary Beach in style and in peace-keeping harmony. Who woulda thunk that this whole thing would be so freakin’ DIFFERENT? I sure as hell didn’t.



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