Review: Wicked Lust by Sawyer Bennett

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This was okay. Just that – okay. As forewarned, there’s a lot of sex. Plenty enough to keep things interesting. However, the denouement was disappointing.

Sawyer Bennett and her Wicked Horse series take a bit of getting used to, especially if you were an fan during her early Cold Fury Hockey phase (N.B.: Personally, I hated Hawke’s book, but I’m still optimistic that Max will be better), her Off series, and Last Chance series. The reason I fell in love with Ms. Bennett’s books, however, was due to “Uncivilized.” In that book, erotic romance mixed with a get-suspended-in-disbelief story, strong characters, and a more than satisfactory ending… sigh… all these elements added together equal “money well spent.”

Wicked Lust” started off with a bang, i.e., wow. While I really liked the premise of the story, it’s not an original one. There are many “undercover reporter turned into lover” type of stories out there – one of my favorites happens to be “The Baller.” Despite my insta-like for the book, it turned a bit sour for me, especially during the end. Oh, sure, there was a happily-ever-after, but it just felt forced.

  1. Why would such a strong and proud woman such as Sloane, literally, beg for Cain’s forgiveness? I felt that a woman like her would let her cards fall onto the table, and if Cain forgives her, great; if he doesn’t, well, que sera sera. She can make HIM beg when he realizes his so-called mistake.
  2. Why would a man who’s been burned once, such as Cain was, forgive Sloane? If I were in his shoes, and I was screwed over like that? I’ll eventually forgive, but never forget. The offender will be dead to me, regardless of his/her excuses. Why would Cain feel sorry or empathize with Sloane, even if she was being blackmailed by her sleazy editor? Plus, she’s begging. That ain’t sexy. Sorry, but I don’t understand it.

I really wanted to like this. I truly did. Unfortunately… well, que sera sera.


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