Review: Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers

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Sweet, dramatic, and without any teenage angst (e.g., he loves me, he loves me not type of crap). That’s how I’d describe Olivia Rivers Tone DeafIt’s accurately described as a Young Adult romance – which surprises me, because aside from Abbi Glines’ books, I don’t typically like YA (the angst, people, the angst!).

This is not one of my usual books, insofar as there aren’t any sexy scenes. Gasp. I know. I shocked myself when I kept turning the pages, and then suddenly realizing… ey, I’ve reached the end. Despite the lack of hotchachaness, Ms. Rivers made this a page-turner for me, as she put her heroine, Ali, in such an admirable and brave light. Ali lost everything: her mom, her hearing, her confidence, and her trust in her birth father. Her only option was to escape. It could’ve turned out really bad for her, but I really liked the way Ms. Rivers ended Ali’s plight. It was simple, straightforward, and justified. Thus, I end my night while floating in my fictional characters’ HEA.

Why did I rate this a 4 instead of a 5, then? It’s because I didn’t like the scene where the hero, Jace, was inexplicably roofied/drugged to the point of him being clinically dead for a few moments. I was left confused, and thinking “It must be Tony (Jace’s band’s manager) who did that.” The scene just came straight out of left field; Ms. Rivers left the issue hanging. I understand Jace is a guy, but if that had happened to a book heroine (I don’t even want to think about it happening in real-life), people would be screaming “foul!” Regardless of his gender, being roofied shouldn’t be so easily explained away. I don’t care that this is fiction. People might start thinking, well, guys can be roofied and they’re all right. Um. NO, IT’S NOT. That’s all. Thanks. 


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