Review: Leo by Mia Sheridan

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Leo” by Mia Sheridan is a story about second chances, about true loves, and about triumphing over shitty circumstances. Leo and Evie were in the foster care system together while they were in their adolescence. They went through so many cracks in the system, it makes me wonder why America still continues to operate it, when so many (fictional) stories I’ve read make the system seem brutal and useless. Are authors really that imaginative or is there basis for all that fiction?

Likewise, when Leo was adopted, his adoptive parents were certainly not like Bill and Jen (of TLC “The Little Couple” fame). Evie, on the other hand, made out well, after she struggled to find her footing. She’s also gone through her fair share of woes: the girlfriend with whom she was staying after she turned 18 kicked her out after the friend’s boyfriend came on to her; Evie stayed briefly in shelters but had a dirty homeless guy try to sleep with her there; she couldn’t go to college without money (apparently, scholarships are not available to her), etc.

While all these “mishaps” and traumatic hurdles are piled on, one on top of the other, to the point of OTT, Mia Sheridan’s story, at its very core, tells us that love conquers all. Good beats evil. Scrawny fostered, adopted, and sexually abused boys grow up to be rich, hot babes. A girl who’s just been dealt the worst cards ever in life can pull herself out of the dumps, while still maintaining her innocence, and living a sweet, clean life.

The amalgamation of all their past sorrows is tantamount to all the happiness they reaped after sowing honesty and trust on each other.

It’s romantic. Leo and Evie are the epitome of “happily ever after.” The amalgamation of all their past sorrows is tantamount to all the happiness they reaped after sowing honesty and trust on each other. In the end, all their stars aligned, and Leo and Evie become two of my most memorable characters from a debut novel, care of a new author I suspect I will continue reading and following.

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Leo and Evie

P.S. I bought Leo’s Chance before I even finished reading this book. I didn’t read its blurb before doing so, to my everlasting regret. Leo’s Chance is just a re-telling of “Leo,” merely written in Leo’s POV. The only difference is the epilogue in “Leo’s Chance” is 9 years after they got married. Fair warning: if you don’t like re-tellings, and if you’ve read “Leo,” then there’s no need for “Leo’s Chance.”

P.P.S. I’ve always been confused and fascinated by astronomy, so I had to look up what “Leo” looked like. For our mutual knowledge and pleasure, here’s Leo.



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