Review: Weightless by Kandi Steiner

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This book wasn’t even on my radar, when I started plotting out which books to buy and download for the month of June. Yes, I do that. Some people collect stamps. Others collect vintage cars or spooky dolls. Me? I collect books. So, imagine my delight when I unexpectedly landed on this while browsing on Amazon earlier today.

You read that right. I just got “Weightless” by Kandi Steiner today. As in, 6 hours ago. And, I’m writing my review about it now, because I HAVE to. I’ve got to let you know that if:

  1. You’ve been a fat girl, or are a fat girl, and you like romantic love stories
  2. You’ve had (or still have) a less than stellar relationship with your mother who has an issue with you being overweight
  3. You’ve had your heart broken by your boyfriend/crush/significant other

Then, “Weightless” is for you. For me. For anyone who can identify with any of the 3 points enumerated above.

I have to admit this is one of those extremely rare times I regret reading other people’s reviews prior to purchasing a book. If I didn’t read that there was a surprise twist at the end, I probably would’ve loved this even more. Consider yourself warned. The thing is: the extreme twist happened at the 90% mark. It was just, like…


The epilogue is so sickeningly sweet, I loved it. Both Rhodes and Natalie got to their HEA, not just because they were a couple, but because they fought so hard for it. That’s an ideal we all aspire for. I got the feeling that even if Natalie didn’t get to be with Rhodes in the end, she would’ve been great on her own – which is why I love this heroine.

On the other hand, Rhodes was broken, bent, and hopeless when he first met Natalie; maybe he would’ve continued on as he was, maybe he wouldn’t. I got the sneaking suspicion that he needed Natalie to “be” better than what he made himself out to be. For that, I fell even more in love with Nat the Bug.

“Weightless” was a fast, easy read. “Weightless”  was exactly how I felt after reading it. It made me forget my impending doom (i.e., deadline) and had me imagining that fat girls everywhere can have their  romantic HEA, just like Nat. Feeling “weightless” is tantamount to feeling like there ain’t no problem I cannot resolve. Hence, I sit in awe of Kandi Steiner and this book, while shamelessly gorging on instant noodles to counteract that heady feeling of weightlessness. Thou shalt not regret reading this book. I promise.



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