Review: Only for a Night by Naima Simone

Screenshot 2016-06-15 17.52.31.png

This is my first Naima Simone book. And it blew me away. It’s written seamlessly; has a fast-paced smokin’ hot plot; and has a Jerry Maguire ending (i.e., “You had me at ‘Hello,'” as the heroine stood surprised as her man comes interrupting a female get-together).

The cover belies what’s inside. It’s a bit dark, very gritty, has a tad bit of BDSM, and a woah-momma ménage à trois scene. Who could tell from that bright sexy picture, hmmm? I sure as hell couldn’t.

Rion Ward (pretty sexy name, noh?) and Harper Shaw were childhood friends, who had their coulda-woulda-shoulda moment pass them by. After being widowed and losing a child, Harper took her life by the reins and went after she’s always wanted: him. Rion took his time, had a come-to- Jesus moment with one of his best friends, and, finally, took Harper as she is, strong, independent, sexy, and loving.

Can’t wait for Sasha and Killian’s stories, Naima!



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