Review: Idol by Kristen Callihan

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I love music, especially GREAT rock music. I love Prince. I love “Purple Rain.” I love “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I love Bon Jovi. And… I liked “Idol” by Kristen Callihan.

I couldn’t imagine the hero, Killian James, very well in my head. There were whispers of John Lennon and Yoko One in reference to his relationship with Liberty Bell. Honestly, that was a tragedy of a story. But, boy, oh boy, were the songs great in the Ono era.

I couldn’t imagine the heroine, Liberty Bell, too. Sure, I know what the actual bell looks like (all pun intended), but Ms. Callihan’s character is a bit fuzzy in my head. She certainly wouldn’t look like Yoko Ono, or Miranda Lambert, or Taylor Swift. So, I can’t really “see” her, ya know what I mean?

I think that’s why I “only” like Ms. Callihan’s books. Don’t get me wrong. They’re good books. They’re just not great. The staccato style of writing doesn’t help – I felt like there were “gaps” in between a few chapters. Also, there were scenes that I felt were thrown in just for the hell of it. Prime example: Ms. Callihan wrote that Liberty is abnormally afraid of thunders and lightning. So afraid that she screams her head off, prompting Killian to go barging into her house after he hears her from his neighboring house. No explanation why a grown-ass woman would behave that way. She lives in North Carolina; it rains there. BFD, ma’am, BFD.

“Idol” is labelled as a rom-com, but I did not ROFL while reading it. Not even a little giggle peeped out. The scene where a moth flew into a high-end hotel room in NYC? It’s ridiculous. Killian is also deathly afraid of moths, he jumped up onto the furniture and asks his girlfriend to kill it. Wow. Really? Is this where I was supposed to laugh now?

I was on a roller coaster ride with “Idol.” I found myself, again, at a time where I was DETER-FREAKIN-MINED to love this book, as I was on a bummed-out streak, after starting and stopping Lauren Blakely’s “Sinful” series (those books I regret reading, despite my love for Ms. Blakely’s latest books). I started with a 5-star rating for “Idol,” then it rolled down to 3-stars, then a “WTF 2-star” feeling, and finally I’m riding off into the sunset with Killian and Liberty at a solid 4-stars. Why? Because I WANT to, dammit. I have been highly anticipating this book since other bloggers started raving about it. And, I’m about to listen to “Hotel Yorba” for the first time. That’s gotta mean something good.


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