Review: Hillbilly Rockstar by Lorelei James

Screenshot 2016-06-08 20.28.38.png

Lorelei James’ cowboy romances are faves of mine. This one just about killed me. Dunno why, but Luke Bryan was who I was thinking of every time I imagine Devin McClain Hollister. I mean – could you blame me?

Luke Bryan

And, then I imagine how he performs…

Luke Bryan

Why would girls, women, and gay guys scream at this, I wonder?


Do y’all see the bald white dude standing in the pit at Luke’s left-side? The one right behind one of dem girls with the camera phones? Yeah, I get it, man. I’d enjoy him, too, and fall a l’il bit in love with country.

Sigh. Anyway, Ms. James delivered a superbly sexy and hot book, throwing in some mystery, (gambling) mafia, and mayhem for us who needs more substance in their love stories. I won’t bore you with a recounting of the story’s blurb. I’ll just say: the reason why Liberty was hired on as Devin’s bodyguard? I thought the culprit was Odette, Devin’s ex-lover and current songwriting partner/bandmate. Who woulda thunk I’ve been reading way too many murder-mysteries these days? Or is it my obsession with Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder? Turns out the baddie was a pretty obvious one.

I didn’t quite like the “resolution” of one of the scenes, though.While Devin and Liberty were out on date, somebody riddled his tour bus with a whole barrage of bullet holes. Both cops and Devin attributed it to a random psycho shooting, just because some people in the Bible Belt disagreed with Devin’s song about homosexual love. That was a cop-out from the author, I think. It coulda been juicier. But, ey, that’s just me.

All in all, I’m saving the last 3 available books of the Blacktop Cowboys series for future rainy days. There are 2 more coming out by the end of this year – barring any unforeseen delays. *Googly-Eyed Sigh*

P.S. I wonder if Ms. James will write about The Wright Brothers? They’re intriguing… *hint hint*


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