I can’t erase that from my mind now

“Dirty Love” is the conclusion to Meghan March’s “Dirty Girl Duet” series. I seriously regret reading these 2 books. Absolute waste of time and money. Why?

  1. OTT on the drama. There’s mafia killings; dirty, raunchy sex every-freakin-where; twisted types of loyalty and love. Ay, Santa Maria! Mexican telenovelas are written better than this. And, that’s saying a helluva lot.
  2. If an author piles on sex scene after sex scene with no real story in it, it’s just porn. Not sexy anymore.
  3. The way women are portrayed in these books are just horrendous.
    1. The heroine, Greer Karas, is portrayed as the most useless lawyer on the face of the earth. She’s not an enigma; her character is just EXTREMELY written badly. At first, she’s supposed to be a smart cookie, intelligent enough to have graduated third in her class. But then she’s also Paris Hilton + Britney Spears circa 2008. Meghan March piled on the stupid on Greer’s character, as if there was no tomorrow. Greer drunk tweets. In fact, she drunk a lot and had numerous hang-overs in both Dirty Girl and Dirty Love. She caused a stock price meltdown – apparently, she doesn’t give a shit about other people’s lives. She insists on taking a pro-bono case regarding prisoners’ rights when she has no knowledge of criminal law and her guts were already saying “stay away from the plaintiff.” She also conveniently forgets about filing court documents, because she was busy having dirty sex with Cav. Sigh. It was tiring reading about her epic fuck-ups after a while.
    2. Greer’s best friend, Banner, is another trust fund baby. She’s also a whore. She can be relied on to push her best friend to make stupid decisions, i.e., drunk tweeting. She also insists on knowing every single detail about Greer’s ass fucking session with Cav. Ladies (I use that term very, very loosely): TMI much?
    3. Greer’s sister-in-law, Holly, started writing a song while listening to Greer share her boo-hoo fuck-ups. Wow, talk about compassion and sisterhood. With friends like her, no wonder this book is a major let-down for me.

While I can’t erase these books from my mind now, I sure as hell can erase them and all other Meghan March books from my e-reader’s memory.



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