Review: Dirty Girl by Meghan March

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I can’t stand reading books with cliffhangers. That’s why I had to wait for the 2nd part of the “Dirty Girl Duet” to come out before even succumbing to the temptation of reading this much lauded book. Meghan March’s “Dirty Girl is an offshoot of the same author’s “Dirty Billionaire” trilogy (that one is still stored and unread on my e-reader, saved for rainy days). There are both good and bad points in the story. Let me count the ways, as I see it:

The good:

    1. Fast-paced writing style allows impatient readers, such as me, to fly through the book with pure, unadulterated enjoyment
    2. Plenty of hot, sexy, dirty scenes, with BDSM thrown into it. Not disgusting ones like those in Nikki Sloane’s “Sordid,” mind you. These ones from Meghan March are sizzling hot.
    3. The twist – I so completely did not see that one coming in the end of the book

The bad:

    1. I feel that the plot is over-stretched to the point that, really, it could’ve been condensed into one book. Why do authors, editors, and publishers insist we buy 2-6 books with cliffhangers in between (ala Mexican soap operas), when the stories could just be edited better? With less “noise” in between chapters that give relevance to the entire plot? Greed is, truly, an awful monster.
    2. While there were plenty of sexy scenes, some of them just didn’t add to my personal reading pleasure. Many of them could be condensed, really.

The ugly:

The heroine, Greer. is another one of those “lady in the streets, but freak in the bed” types. Her hero counterpart, Cavanaugh, even describes her more harshly: lady in the streets, whore in the sheets. While there’s nothing wrong with that, she’s also portrayed to be a whiny brat in some scenes. Maybe it’s just me? But I really don’t like 26-year-old white women who, while are supposedly trust fund babies, whine and behave like 11-year-olds. They’re just grating in both real and reel life.

Thankfully, part 2 of this duet, “Dirty Love” is now on my e-reader, so here goes…


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