Review: Showmance by L.H. Cosway

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I don’t know what to say, L.H. Cosway. I mean, what happened, girl?! “Painted Faces,” “Six of Hearts,” and “Hearts of Blue” were, in my opinion, works of art. And, then this.

Rose Taylor is the ultimate clinger. She’s like Jennifer Aniston, who can’t seem to survive without men. Rose acknowledged her own bad habit and even compared herself to her mother, who had committed suicide due to a man. Frankly, I cannot relate to her. It’s sad that, in this day and age, women (in this case, at least) still find their worth in their partners. Also, she miraculously gets over her life-long stage fright after one night, because she’s acting with Damon? C’mon. Please.

Rose’s relationship with her male best friend, Julian, is eerily similar with Sylvia Day’s characters, Eva and Cary, if one ignores the fact that Cary is bi-sexual. Rose and Julian, like Eva and Cary, grew up in an extremely unorthodox family environment. Rose chose to expend her energy in dance and sexually/lustfully clinging to her male actor co-workers; Julian went into heavy drugs and became a male escort/gigolo. Now, I hear that Julian is getting his own book in the “Showmance” series. Um… No, I don’t think I’ll be buying that.

There are also the requisite third parties who attempt to break up Rose and Damon’s romance. Alicia is the typical bitch who throws herself at Damon, while sexing up Julian whenever she can. Rose’s immediate ex-boyfriend (I forget his name) is a drugged out douchebag, whom she still cares for, despite his questionable personality. It’s all quite predictable and very ho-hum.

Lastly, our hero, Damon. Who is he? Is he really an Oscar-worthy comeback former child actor? Is he a commercial fisherman from the Isle of Skye? Is he just naive, believing that Rose’s behavior with her male actor co-workers are a thing of the past? Is he a true romantic or just a spaz with an easy-to-trigger jealousy act and violent temper? Why did he trust Rose so easily, upon first sight, when he’s kept other people at arm’s length away before? Why does he even really want to be an actor? Is it obvious that I don’t get him, either??

Will I still read L.H. Cosway books? You betcha.
Will it be another book in the upcoming Showmance series? No. Hell no.


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