Review: Throttle Me by Chelle Bliss

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Part II – 10:30pm, day 2 of reading Chelle Bliss’ “Throttle Me”

That’s me after finishing this book. Part one got me wanting to tear my hair out with the freakish portrayal of a woman in her late-20s. She’s blonde, beautiful, and apparently, really dirty in between the sheets. So, essentially, all the cliches wrapped up in one. There were plenty of cringe-worthy scenes in the book, aside from the one I described in Part I of my review. Suzy is so attractive that she is a class A creep-magnet, e.g., Derek, her creepy & sadistic co-worker at school (they’re both teachers), the drunk a$$hole in the SAME BAR Joe took her, too, on the first night they met, etc. Joey Gallo saves her time and again. Le sigh.

The ending is pretty straightforward. No surprises. And, thankfully, no additional drama, except for the fact that Suzy got physically assaulted in the bar after she thought she was getting her “kidnap-me” sex fantasy fulfilled. Mmmhmmm, Chelle Bliss made that happen.

If I were Ludacris, who likes a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed, I ain’t be saying “Yeah.”

no just no


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